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Black Millionaires Conference 2024
Black Millionaires Conference 2024


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Tope Awotona is the newest Black Billionaire with a networth of $1.2 Billion

The Founder & CEO of scheduling software company Calendly

Tope Awotona is the founder and CEO of the scheduling software company Calendly. 

Awotona was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and immigrated to the United States as a teenager.

Before founding Calendly, he had started a few other businesses, including one that sold projectors and another that sold garden tools that flopped.

Awotona was a salesman for tech firms and founded Calendly out of frustration with the back-and-forth emails required to schedule meetings.

The Black Billionaire started Calendly, pouring his life savings of $200,000 and maxing out his credit cards after quitting his job selling software.

He bootstrapped Calendly for years before taking on a $350 million investment in 2021 that valued the firm at $3 billion.

Tope Awotona is ranked 2,365 on Forbes wealthiest people in the world list

Awotona is one of just two Black tech billionaires in the United States, along with David Steward, the 70-year-old founder of Missouri-based IT provider World Wide Technology.

“Tope could be the most successful African-American tech entrepreneur of his generation,” says David Cummings, founder of Atlanta Ventures, who led a $550,000 seed investment in Calendly seven years ago.

"What makes one successful is hard work, skill, resilience, and an appetite for risk-taking."

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