1 on 1 Business Coaching (Elite)

1 on 1 Business Coaching (Elite)

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Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching with our Founder & CEO James Hill.

Coaching will consist of but not limited to:

1: How to grow your social media platforms.

2: How to convert your followers over to customers no matter how many you have?

3: How to connect & collaborate with popular influencers to get them you to endorse your brand at no cost.

4: How to scale your digital products an earn 5 figures a month in profits.

5. Unsure about your business plan? This service will point you in the right direction on how to identify you strengthens to add value to your customers.

6. Coaching call duration; 6 calls / zoom meeting 1 hour each.

7. All sales are final. 

8. You will learn all of the systems our company uses to run a 6 figure business.