Six Lawyers left their Law firm to build their own.

Distinguished, tenacious, and commitment to justice are the fundamental tenements of Esquire Litigation Group. To be a member of this firm you must be committed to working at the highest level. Although our practice is built around the specialties of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, in order to fully serve our community we also have some of the finest criminal defense, family law, and estate planning attorneys within Esquire Litigation Group. 

If you find yourself requiring legal assistance, it is imperative that you retain a competent fighter to be on your side.  Our lawyers will compose fierce arguments tailored to you and your unique case in order to provide you the results your life depends on.

Choose a firm that will not settle for anything less than you deserve, one that will fight even if it means taking the case to trial. We are not just any attorneys we are “Your Trial Attorneys!”